The void

When I photograph, I am trying hard not to cage things.

Let them go long after they are gone.

Like you would be in Bondi with me now.

Do you feel the waves smashing the shore?

The wind blowing in my hair?

The clouds running faster than our thoughts?

Do you?

December 2016 | Australia, Bondi Beach | Photo: Sintija Elnione

Lizi AUS

Down under

Funny the thought. That somewhere there is a land without you. Cars drive without you. People live without you. Palms are without you. The lake. And everything else is there. Without you.

Photo: August, 2016 | Australia, NWS | Sintija Elnioneuuuu


Everyone disappears, just at different speeds. —Nav K

Photo: November, 2016 | Australia, Sydney | Sintija Elnione



Not sure if I regret any of the days we started with a wine.

However, I might be sorry for the ones we didn’t.

Photo: November, 2016 | Australia, Sydney | Sintija Elnione